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Greetings All!

Starting this Sunday at 8pm GMT time, we will be holding a Quiz Night!

The questions will be on a wide range of topics from Minecraft to Maths, and will all be multiple choice answers that you will choose from by standing in box in-game!

Hopefully we can kick off this new event with a good turnout so I hope to see everyone there!

MegaSpy I'm missiong both the first quiz night and building the arena ;-; Timing ftw
Latias54 We need to finish de arena first doe

A Few Updates

Adamchrisp a posted Sep 15, 14
Good Evening All,

A few updates on the comings and goings of Minecraft and Illyria:

1. Microsoft have bought Mojang for $2.5 BILLION dollars. Duck me...

2. There is no new news concerning Craftbukkit for 1.8, we may possibly try Spigot which will allow people to connect to the server from a 1.8 client, but it won't add any new features.

3. At some point this week the hosts are upgrading our DDoS protection. This will cause our IP to change, so the server may appear offline for a short while. Once I have re-pointed our domain name to the new IP you will be able to connect as normal :)

EDIT: Hosts have already changed the IP! It may take up to 48 hours for some people to connect, in the meantime though you can join with the numerical IP

And that's about it for now! What do you think about the takeover of Mojang? Should we try Spigot? Are we all doomed?  Will Zee ever be pink again? Only time will tell!

monkeymate02 No we are not doomed, other servers updated to 1.8 without problem. Try Spigot, It would be more convenient- until we fi ...
Pendle a If someone would make me a damn skin I'd be pink again! for now I am GHOUL. And uhh yeah minecraft stuff woo..

Minecraft 1.8 Release

Adamchrisp a posted Sep 3, 14
Evening Folks,

In case you weren't already aware, Minecraft 1.8 has been released! However, in order for the server to run all the plugins, we need to stick to the 1.7.9/10 craftbukkit otherwise chaos would ensue. You can still play on the server fine, just make sure you edit your Minecraft profile to run 1.7.10 before logging in!!

On the subject of craftbukkit, it may be a while until a 1.8 version is released.
To cut a painful story short, Mojang bought Craftbukkit, Craftbukkit dev did not like, Craftbukkit dev files legal complaint against Mojang / Craftbukkit and has all versions removed from the site.

So there we go, we will update to 1.8 as soon as possible but watch this space!
More information can be found at this link

l3thal_un1corn if anyone wants the file msg me i will probally respond in a month lol
gristly AAAND I forgot to back up my copy of craftbukkit when I switched from Windows to Xubuntu.... oops.
mega9yo @#?&%$$£!
The wait is over, the results are in! The standard of entries as ever was very very high, and don't worry if you didn't get a prize this time, there is always the future!

First off, honorable mentions go to ruinsedge1997, _java1, ueta, ilabrador and latias54 for very talented builds! Builds were placed from 6th onwards, so without further todo, here we go!

6th Place: Jonelvis
5th Place: Dark_Star_56
4th Place: Bassfreerunning

Congratulations for placing in the top 6!!
And now, our prize winners!

3rd Place: Tropicwood! A Lifetime of Premium and 3 Months of RPG Time is yours!

2nd Place: Thejaffa19! Narrowly missing out on the top spot, your prize is a lifetime of Legend and RPG!

1st Place: Bmlewis45! The winner of our contest with a sleek modern design set on a cliff top, it was decided that the modern build coupled with a coastal location reflected a typical summer getaway and was very well executed. Congratulations!

Again, if you didn't win this time, don't worry! We will hopefully be having plenty more competitions in the future! Thank you to everyone who took part and best of luck next time!

Thejaffa19 Hey Adam, just wondering what should I have improved in order to make my plot better? Thank you very much for my prize ...
MegaSpy Oh yeah I remember stalking Adam at bmlewis's plot. Grats on winning it with that one.
bmlewis45 Oh my gosh. I can't believe I actually won. Congrats to everyone!

Last Chance to Enter!

Adamchrisp a posted Aug 30, 14
Our Summer contests end this weekend!! If you haven't entered yet don't panic, it's not too late!

There's still time to build a summer themed plot in our contest world, just do /warp summer, claim a plot and get going!

And not to mention win a fabulous T-Shirt that you could have designed yourself! See the forum thread and get creating!
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