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On Holiday Until 25th!

Adamchrisp a posted Aug 17, 15

Evening All,

Quick note to say I will be jetting off to Croatia in the early hours of tomorrow morning and will return at some point on Tuesday 25th Aug. :)

I am sure all will be well while I'm away and our lovely mods will be in charge of any events at the weekend.

In the event of an emergency, initiate normal panic procedures and light fires everywhere.

See you all soon!

l3thal_un1corn I lit panic fires... My computer died... So I talked to my family. They seem like nice people ...
Dark_Star_56 Enjoy the vacation adam in sire the panic lights will only come on a couple dozen times
Jodiix Have fun Adam!

Another Server Upgrade!

Adamchrisp a posted Aug 11, 15

Evening All!

First off, apologies to everyone for the recent downtime. The hosting company has been under DDoS attacks which is why the uptime has been patchy.

As a result they have moved some customers away from that server node, one of which is us!

We are now located in the lovely Royame Uni, or rather the United Kingdom! Huzzah! See ya later frenchies,  were comin' home!

The IP has once again changed and this has been updated at the top of the page. The MC.legendsofillyria.com IP will be working again once it has finished updating which can take up to 48 hours depending on where you are in the world.

Fingers crossed this solves the recent issues we have had and a long happy spell of uptime will be in our future :)

Greetings All!

A Deathmatch Map has been added to the server named Vertigo! To play just type /warp vertigo in game.

First to 20 kills wins! Includes one shot kills, high speed action and even random spawning!

Thanks to our resident TheDrunkenLegend and co for another superb map :D

And i'll claim all credit on command blocks as usual :3

l3thal_un1corn GJ Adam! Well mostly Drunk! But GJ adam!

Good Afternoon All,

Quick update on the server downtime, the server has been upgraded to a bigger and better system and as a result this has changed the IP of the server.

If you use mc.legendsofillyria.com to connect to the server this will work once it has finished redirecting to the new IP which can take up to 48 hours.

To connect instantly you can use our new IP

Sorry for the inconvinience and see you soon!

ℓαтнυє alrighty then adam sounds good

Greetings All!

I'm proud to announce our new Legends of Illyria YouTube Channel! Catch up on the latest events, trailers and more first so make sure to subscribe!!

Click here to visit the channel or view the new trailer below!

AgitatedSquirrel What did you use to create the video? Also, what did you use to create the channel banner? ...
Jodiix Yeey! ...