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We're back!

Coekey a posted Jan 5, 17


We’ve made a number of exciting and big changes to the server while we’ve been away! Not only have we switched to version 1.11 and converted to Plotsquared, but we’ve added fresh new plot worlds!The new worlds have a slight change in dimensions to allow them to have a center. Starter plots are now 31x31 (they used to be 32x32), inter plots are 63x63 (used to be 64x64), and advanced ones are 127x127 (were 128x128).

Don’t worry, your old plots are still accessible through /warp old(starter, intermediate, or advanced) and you’ll be able to download them in the near future. Due to the update to Plotsquared, you will need to find your old plots without /plotme home either on your own or using the server map at http://www.legendsofillyria.com/map (hover or click on the right edge of the map to see a selection of the warps and look for and click on oldStarter, oldIntermediate, or oldAdvanced).Also, we staff members are happy to copy over any plots you were working on or were waiting for a rank for into the new build world.

We’ll be making a few minor changes along the way, but you should be able to play on Illyria while we’re adding those things. Thanks for being so patient and sticking around during our major renovations!

Happy building!

mayssaa That's fantastic!
Jodiix Great job! <3

A new Illyria

monkeymate02 a posted Jan 3, 17

Hola everyone who has managed to bear with us for this long!

So after the last few weeks of death, we are in the process of reviving the beloved Illyria. (yay!) As you know Adam has stepped down as owner and for some reason trusts us lot to run it.

So we have a lot planned and hope to get the server up and running this week. There are going to be some changes also to the server to make it not just survive but thrive!

However we are not going to lose the creative aspect - as we are all very creative people!!

We aim to bring back lost events and keep players - new and old - interested and excited for the future of Illyria.

Sorry to have kept you all in the dark for so long, but now we are definitely doing something about it. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

See you in a few days xoxo

Monkeykins <3

Good Afternoon Everyone,

It has been a difficult few weeks, but I have finally come to the decision that I am no longer able to support the server. It has been a long time and we have come a long way together, and I must offer huge thanks to the amazing people who play and moderate the server, without whom none of this would be or have been possible.

Therefore as of today I am handing control to the Admins and taking a step back from everything. I will most likely lurk in the background and play on the server the same as before ( assuming they let me stay :P ) but will be holding a lot less responsibilities. Please give them the same support you have given me over the years.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to what the New Year brings :)

Adamchrisp x

Latest Updates 26/11/16

Adamchrisp a posted Nov 26, 16

Hi All,

Couple of bits of news for you!

First off we now have a Discord server for you to chat and talk on! Feel free to join us HERE

Second we have changed the armor stand plugin to a more supported version, you can now control armor stands by holding flint, no commands needed! You should also find they are now protected from griefers.

Halloween Winners!

Adamchrisp a posted Oct 31, 16

Congratulations to Eddipuss123 for her spectacularly spooky Halloween build!

And congratulations to the runner up Jodiix! Both have been awarded Legend on the server.

Although there were few entries the quality was extremely good, so don't be disheartened if you didn't win this time! Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter and good luck in the future!

SuperJellyBean1 congratz &lt;3 lol i did my build the hour before the contest ended xD
Coekey a congrats guys!
l3thal_un1corn ooh! Nice grata to both players. Im sorry i couldn't compete :(