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Good Afternoon All,

Quick update on the server downtime, the server has been upgraded to a bigger and better system and as a result this has changed the IP of the server.

If you use mc.legendsofillyria.com to connect to the server this will work once it has finished redirecting to the new IP which can take up to 48 hours.

To connect instantly you can use our new IP

Sorry for the inconvinience and see you soon!

ℓαтнυє alrighty then adam sounds good

Greetings All!

I'm proud to announce our new Legends of Illyria YouTube Channel! Catch up on the latest events, trailers and more first so make sure to subscribe!!

Click here to visit the channel or view the new trailer below!

AgitatedSquirrel What did you use to create the video? Also, what did you use to create the channel banner? ...
Jodiix Yeey! ...

Howdy Folks!

All through the month of June we're offering a whopping 30% off all donations! Whoop!

Treat yourselves for doing those hard exams! Just type /donate in game or click the donate tab at the top of the website!

Updates 14/05/15

Adamchrisp a posted May 14, 15

Good Evening All,

A few announcements that need to be made, first of all I'm going away on holiday this month, wee!

I'll be away from the 23rd until the end of May so please be good and don't set fire to everything while I'm gone :)

Hopefully the mods can hold any events that would normally be held while I am away.

Secondly is RPG. Sadly there is not the support to continue the server and so in the next few days the server will be closed indefinately. A backup has been made in case we ever want to pick up from where we left off.

Thank you to everyone for their contributions and support to the server and I am sure they will not go to waste.


robo_cop1 Oh and i hope to all things good it will be back soon ...
robo_cop1 I am going to donate to help the RPG server too, but you should make DONOR RANKS!!!!!! then I am sure to donate ...
Doctor269 I can try to help pay for RPG tooooo! I will be doing my best to get a job soon so maybe by halfway through the summer I ...

Good Day to All!

Today I bring you exclusive footage of the RPG server!

This was a trailer I was working on a long time back now and a lot has changed since then, but rather than it sit on my pc doing nothing i decided to upload it to our official YouTube Legends of Illyria Channel! Huzzah!

Chickenhatcher5 This is really cool! is there any server trailer for the regular creative server, if so can someone link it in these com ...
gristly dat lava moster tho... I'm gonna have to figure out how that one was made, it looked pretty cool and I have some pretty ...
Doctor269 I think it was supposed to be that lava monster thing, which ironically gristly and I talked about doing *wink wink*