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Easter Sale Now On!

Adamchrisp a posted Fri at 21:03

Greetings One and All!

It's that time of year again when we ask the question 'What exactly do bunnies giving us chocolate eggs have to do with the death of Jesus?'

Well lucky for us it's chocolate so we don't care. But here's something you SHOULD care about!

From now until 13th Apr all donations are 25% off! Woo! Thank's Jesus!

Keep your eyes peeled for more Easter Goodness on the server too! We already have a great minigame based on the old snowballing game called Bunny Hop! Grab some friends (or random strangers) and head over to /warp bunnyhop to start playing!

Merry Easter!

Doctor269 Thank is Jesus? What. I mean... YAY EASTERY SALE WOOOOOOOOOP. I'M SO EXCITED FOR BUNNY HOP. #Thank'sJesus





Stickmike901 a I don't know if I can "bear" this.... #bestpun2k15
Not_l3thal Oh my gawd its ted
Doctor269 *watches in awe*

A Whole New World!

Adamchrisp a posted Feb 8, 15

Hi Everybody!


After some issues with PlotMe, the UUID update and players changing usernames, we decided now was the best time to take the leap into a new and improved version of the plugin!

Unfortunately the existing plots could not convert properly, but do not despair! All your old plots still exist, they are just floating around somewhere in another dimension at the moment. The old plot worlds will be opened shortly, and do not panic all the ranks you have earned you will still keep!


In other news, work has begun on creating a much more streamlined, simple spawn for new and old players to connect to and make it easier to join worlds, play minigames and more!

Apologies for any inconvinience caused but unfortunately this was a necessary update as the server was lagging quite badly.

Any questions let me know!

Updates 04/02/15

Adamchrisp a posted Feb 8, 15

Good Evening All!

Lots of exciting changes coming up but here's a few of them to start us off!


  • Survival Games is back! Play a game by typing /sg join lobby and vote on the arena of your choice!
  • Capture the Flag is a thing! Play a game by typing /warp ctf but please forgive any bugs as it is entirely made with command blocks!
  • Disguises work once more for donators! Just /d and disguise as your favourite thing!
  • The server is now running WorldEdit 6 and a new and improved grief logging plugin to keep all you naughty people in check
  • The WorldEdit limit has been increased! Normal players can now change up to 5000 blocks (up from 2000) and Legends can change up to a whopping 50000! (up from 20000)
  • The RPG server will be redeveloped and headed by Zeelia and remain up whilst it is self sufficient
  • Fight Night is now at the new time of 9pm GMT every Friday, and Quiz Night is now at the new time of 9pm GMT every Sunday
  • Players who change their username through Mojangs service will find themselves unable to get back to their plots and build, we are awaiting a fix for this and let you know as soon as possible. If you plan to change your name please add your new username to all of your plots first!


That's everything for now but keep up with us as there are lots of improvements and events planned!

AmazingRaccoon maybe ive been away for like six months, but what happened to all the worlds? ive lost all my plots.. i cant show my pro ...
LegendaryCupcake Meh who needs plots
Crystal_Elf a Huzzah! Now that disguises are back, any word on when Block Hunt will be up again? But still, yay! ...

From everyone at Illyria we wish you all the very best for 2015 and hope you will stick around to see what's in store for the new year!

Sadly the Xmas event is now over :(
You can no longer gain cheer from snowballing or racing or events, but the games will remain in place and be improved over time if they prove popular with new courses, arenas and mechanics!

Your Xmas Cheer will still be displayed next to your name for the next few days and /warp xmas is still available, so you can still have time to claim your trails if you haven't already!

This was the first time we did an event like this, so your feedback would be great! Please vote in the forum post on what you thought and mention how you think it could be improved for the future if we decide to do something similar again!

And lastly our Xmas Sale is still on until the 6th Jan in case anyone was thinking of donating :)

All the best!


xXcoolman1151Xx Is there going to be a way to earn the trails all year round?