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Halloween Competition!

Adamchrisp a posted Oct 8, 16

Goood Morning Ghouls and Zombles,

Today marks the start of our Halloween Building Competition!

The rules are simple, type /warp halloween to join the world and grab a plot, then begin building your spookiest creation! The competition ends on Halloween (31st October for those not sure..) at 9pm GMT.

Plots will be judged by myself and the winner will receive Lifetime Legend status, woo! More details to follow.

Have fun all!

Server updated to 1.10

Adamchrisp a posted Aug 29, 16

Goood Morning Everyone!

And Good News! I'm not dead! Yet. Hooray!

Also the server has been updated to 1.10 and appears to be ok with it...but as usual please let me know if there are any issues.

Disguises also appear to be fixed so feel free to waddle round as a chicken at your leisure or have a game of blockhunt at /warp bh

That is all :)

wispina I have a few bugs which have probably been addressed, such as Survival inventory issues, BlockHunt crashing, other minor...
Dark_Star_56 YAY ADAMS BACK!
monkeymate02 woww... cluck

Survival is here!

Adamchrisp a posted Mar 28, 16

Good Evening!

And Good News Everyone! Survival 1.9 is now open for exploration! You can get there by typing /warp survival.

Feel free to get digging and mining like the good old days! We hope this will be a spiritual sucessor to the RPG server with quests being added periodically to get some sweet loot, as well as dungeons, bosses, NPCs, shops and more!

This has only been possible thanks to the new plugin splitting inventories between worlds. At the moment this affects every world but we should be able to condense this to a creative and survival split, so no cheating!

If however you do manage to find an exploit and cheat some items into the survival world, please do not abuse and report it as a bug to a member of staff ASAP.

Thanks All!

Plugin Update

Adamchrisp a posted Mar 15, 16

Good Evening,

After some quick testing the following plugins are now working again on the server:

  • Dynmap
  • Disguises
  • VoxelSniper

Wait what? Yes, the latest version of the VoxelSniper plugin appears to be working on the server!

Some serious testing needs to be done with this tool first though before it is released into the hands of the public, as any world generating tool can be very destructive if proper protections aren't in place.

Please note Voxel uses a lot of conflicting shortcuts, so you will need to use commands like /plotme and /disguise rather than /p and /d as these are overriden by Voxel.

Please bear with and hopefully it will be available to use soon :)

Jodiix VOXEL !
monkeymate02 Bear wiiiiiith

Good Afternoon!

The server has been offline temporarily due to a server upgrade being performed today, this work has now been completed and the server is back online!

Please allow up to 48 hours for everything to update to the mc.legendsofillyria.com address, in the meantime please use the temporary IP of

Thanks All!