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Happy Easter!

Adamchrisp a posted Sun at 22:16
From everyone at Legends of Illyria, we wish you a Happy Easter and lots of chocolate!
Pendle a Happy Easter day! for the other day. And don't be weird about it, just say Happy Easter Sylvia. O.O We get itttt you're ...
Sylvia500 Happy Easter resurrection day!!! ^-^

Server Updated!

Adamchrisp a posted Fri at 15:04
Greetings All,

The server has been updated! Please connect using the latest updated client.
As always if there are any problems please report them immediately

Thanks :)

finaleflame This might have nothing to do with the update but the server keeps crashing. For the last 3 days I think it has crashed ...
darththorn a The new skin system will no longer allow Disguisecraft.
oldman6 Disguisecraft Is Broke I think... Or you just cant /d as players

Recent Downtime

Adamchrisp a posted Apr 12, 14
Good Morning All,

A minor breach of the server console occurred in the early hours of this morning which resulted in a few settings being changed. This was a very narrow minded act but does not appear to have been done maliciously. The servers security is taken very seriously and we will take steps to reduce this threat in the future.

The server is now back online and appears to be fine but please report any issues immediately in game or via the website.

Thejaffa19 Adam, It might just be me but when I try to log on I get: Failed to login: The authentcation are currently down for main ...
shadow90876 also i cant use W.E. For "DarkOakPlanks" so if you banned that or if thats a bug i dont know
MegaSpy The server texture pack still needs to be fixed ...

Important News

Adamchrisp a posted Apr 8, 14
Evening All,

It has come to my attention that there are problems with the Minecraft Authentication servers.
All accounts logged into within the last 24 hours have had their security compromised.

Info can be found on the official Mojang help page at http://help.mojang.com/

Anyone who has recently logged into Minecraft should change their password and ensure they are using the latest Minecraft client.

The problem is related to the Heartbleed Bug or an OpenSSL vulnerability. The problem appears to have been fixed at Mojang's end however something is still affecting the server.

Please be patient while this issue is looked into and normal service should hopefully resume shortly.


monkeymate02 So do we have to change our Minecraft password? o-o
ShadowS56 The Heartbleed Bug is what's causing the OpenSSL vulnerability, any server that uses OpenSSL could be vulnerable to it u ...
Good Afternoon All!

If you're British I'm sure most of you will be busy pampering your mums for Mothers Day, however I shall post anyway during the brief respite I have...

We are planning to hold a quick build creative competition every Saturday! The first competition will be this Saturday (5th April) and run from 8pm until 9pm GMT time!

The rules will be as follows:

  • There will be a separate competition world to build in
  • Competition will be open to everyone (1 Plot Each Only)
  • Plots will be same size as Starter world (32x32)
  • Players can join at any time between 8pm and 9pm
  • Each week will have a different set of building rules and themes to stick to
  • WorldEdit will be allowed for everyone except Newbies
  • The winner will be picked by Me / Zee and receive a prize from the Randomizer
  • Rules subject to change depending on how it goes!

The weekly mod meetings will still take place once the competition has ended and the winner has been announced.

Any questions or comments please leave below! I hope to see everyone on Saturday!

MegaSpy The 'weekly mod meetings', I think doc once told me it's a myth, is that true Adam? If so, no hiding it now (spoilers) ...
Crystal_Elf Sounds great!
koekje1998 awesome! ...
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