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Shop Now Open!

Adamchrisp a posted 19 hours ago
Its Official!

We have Merch! Woo! Just select either UK or US shop from the tab along the top and browse our first batch of fabulous T Shirts and more!

If there's something you'd love and it's not there, let us know! If popular we will look to add more stuff!

gristly Just checkin, is the US shop good for North America in general? If not, I may have to order something and pick it up whe ...

Latest Updates 17/07/14

Adamchrisp a posted Jul 17, 14
Good Evening Everyone!

It's a long time since I did an update post so here we go! Behold, fancy bullet points!

  • We have a new logo! (Thankyou Elfy!)
  • Website has been redesigned slightly!
  • We are looking into getting Merch! (T-Shirts and things!)
  • Creative server has a PVP Arena (/pvparena join)
  • Creative server has Skyblock! (/island)
  • RPG server now has a selection of spells available to each race to buy
  • RPG server has NPC's to trade with or generally look fancy
  • RPG server will soon be getting multiplayer raid dungeons and quests for rewards
  • Premium and Legend ranks have been tweaked slightly to allow for EULA changes
  • Many, many things I have forgotten because it's been so long

There we go! Leave your questions and comments below, thanks :D

MegaSpy We could have a cake with the server logo ...
shelvan_ give credit to merch suggestion pls AND AN ADAM AND ZEE PLUSHIE PLEASE and we could have the tee with nia and zee sayi ...
Bigfoot03006 Bigfoot T-shirt Biggles Plush Toys ...
Good News Everyone!

The server hosts have fixed the issue and we are back up and running! Huzzah!

Whilst the server has been down RPG has had a little work done to it in the form of more NPCs, shops and race specific spells you can now learn! Some more hidden than others...

The RPG server will have no whitelist for the rest of the weekend so feel free to pop on and have a look at rpg.legendsofillyria.com

Meanwhile back on creative, don't forget tonight is Build Comp + Fight Night all rolled into one!
Join us from 8pm when we battle it out in the plots, then after we battle it out in Survival Games!

francis65 Why didn't you take away be recruitment option yet?
swiftiraven @ Legends Of Illyria
It works! All you need to master is colors! ...
Doctor269 o huh

RPG Server Development

Adamchrisp a posted Jun 18, 14
Good Evening All!

There has been a lot of interest in the RPG server lately which is good news! Unfortunately the server is still very much under testing and cannot handle multitudes of players at the moment. On top of that it requires funds to help pay the server bill and run, and with the recent changes to the Minecraft EULA that is now much more difficult.

Therefore I propose the following:

  • The RPG server will be Pay2Play and require either a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription fee. This fee is estimated to be around £1.50 or $2.50 a month.
  • There will be a free 7 day trial available for all players from the donate store.
  • Premium and Legend donators to the Creative Server will receive 1 month of play time on the RPG server free. This will apply to both new and existing donators.
  • The server will be opened in an ALPHA state in the next few days. By paying for entry you agree to its current state and accept there will be bugs and glitches.
  • Over time the plan is to improve and balance races, add more features and skills, and implement dungeons and raids for epic loot!

As mentioned the server will be upgraded very soon and opened for testing, so keep an eye on that! To clear up any concerns, there will be no changes to the Creative Server at all and it will remain exactly as it is, free for all and donate as optional!

Post your thoughts and comments below!

Sophiejessie I don't really agree with P2P. It sounds unfair but, I can cope with it. Time to save up money... Oh and also, what woul ...
MegaSpy K lifetime has been added due to a popular request (idk of anyone other than me actually said something along those line ...
MegaSpy Nooooooooo! Why pay to play? Will this be a horror that lasts forever? And I totally agree with all of Gristly's comment ...

20% Off Sale!

Adamchrisp a posted Jun 14, 14
Good News Everyone!

In celebration of the World Cup, there's 20% off everything in the donate store for as long as England are still in the competition! Hurry, this deal won't last long!!
Stickmike901 Adam called it, didn't last long :I
Crystal_Elf This, is very true. Painfully true.
gristly *Adam discreetly states he doesn't believe in his country's team*
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