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Meerryy Christmas Everyone!

It's the month of December, and everyone knows that mean's one thing!
My Birthday!! Oh, and of course, Christmas!!

This year we're doing things a little differently. All through the month, you will be able to Level Up your Festive Cheer! This level will be displayed next to your name in game when you hold Tab.

To start leveling up, just head to /warp xmas and start searching for those levels!
For now, the maximum level is 5, at which point you will be able to unlock the Snow Trail!

Events will be held throughout the month where you will be able to level up higher and unlock new trails, including points for playing Fight Night, the weekly Build Contest, and Quiz Night!

Have Fun Everyone!

MegaSpy Adam you meanie why did you deny me off the plot I can't even use WE in the plot world to uhm mess around with the comma ...
skatefreek Splasher, they work. Do /pex user splasher03 and itll say what trail you have. you can type /trail snow to turn it on.
Splasher03 The Trails are still just broken? I cant seem to redeem any.


Adamchrisp a posted Nov 26, 14


Dark_Star_56 Sounds like something Adam would do
skatefreek 1% off entire store

Switch Complete!

Adamchrisp a posted Nov 19, 14
I am shocked.

It seems after much less than 2 hours our switch to our new hosts is complete! Oo la la!

And yes, the Oo la la is because we are now en Francais! Oui, oui. Our shiny new server remains a 6GB beast and now runs from SSDs instead of HDDs as an added bonus! Our protection remains in place too with DDoS mitigation and of course a dedicated IP address. And the small move in geographical distance should mean little if any impact lag wise!

You should be able to connect with mc.legendsofillyria.com as normal but just in case the numerical IP is also in the server details above.

And of course as we have just moved, please keep an eye out for any bugs or problems and report them ASAP.


Latias54 *cough cough* Adam comme la biére. (google translate ftw)
monkeymate02 *clears throat* Je'mapelle Monkey! Ich bin Cool!
Doctor269 I'm gonna try my best here. Que se passe-til?! Je jamais pensait un... I give up.

Server Changing Hosts

Adamchrisp a posted Nov 19, 14
Good Evening all,

As some of you are aware, our lease period with our current server hosts comes to an end very soon, and the renewal cost will be far higher than the server can currently afford.

As a result, arrangements will be made very shortly with a new server provider and this will result in some server downtime while the servers data is transferred over and the IP address redirected.

Do not worry, all your builds and plots will be kept safe, we have moved hosts several times in the past and in anticipation of any issues that do arise we expect the switch to take a couple of days to fully move.

More information will be given as we go along, and thank you for your patience! The RPG server whitelist will be removed in the meantime so feel free to play at rpg.legendsofillyria.com while we wait for the creative server to come back up!

*Update 1* The server is now moving host, initial ETA is 3 hours. (Which I think is extremely optimistic based on previous moves but lets wait and see!)

Server back online!

Adamchrisp a posted Oct 16, 14
Evening Folks,

The server is back up and running again and is now packing Spigot over Craftbukkit!
That means you'll be able to connect to the server from your 1.8 clients :D

Unfortunately as stated below this doesn't add any of the new blocks from 1.8, and to get it working at all some plugins had to be removed as they were causing the server to block any attempts to join.

Over time plugins will be re-added but for now we have a working server again, hooray!
Examples of things that will not work right now:
Permanent Daytime
Many other things lol

If any fundamental problems occur such as with plots or protections, please flag them up straight away, thanks :)

MegaSpy ADAM YOU DON'T NEED A PLUGIN FOR PERMANENT DAYTIME. Just do /gamerule doDaylightCycle false then /time set noon and the ...
shelvan_ this spigot thing doesn't seem as great as we thought :/
Crystal_Elf a No block hunt? No other things D: The sadness is palpable.