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Changing Server Hosts

By Adamchrisp a - Posted Aug 26, 13
**UPDATE** Server is up! Connect as normal or using the new I.P. above!

Good Evening All,

As I type this the server is still currently offline. I am discussing options with an alternative server provider and everything seems to be going well with the test server I received.

I understand there are a lot of frustrations with our current hosts and hopefully the transfer will be as smooth as possible. However, please understand that the transfer cannot begin until both parties are ready, and the current server is online and stable so that the files can be transferred without loss of data.

For more info please read the following details:

  • The new server will have a dedicated IP and use mc.legendsofillyria.com (Please make sure you use this IP to connect!)
  • The new server will be 4GB same as before and have a similar number of player slots
  • The server will be hosted using their premium grade hardware and include DDoS Protection
  • The transfer of data will hopefully commence within the next couple of days. During this time neither servers will be available.
  • When the new server is ready you will be able to connect via mc.legendsofillyria.com without even noticing a change (except it should be working a lot more!)
  • The cost of the server will be increasing to $32 per month
  • The old server will remain up for a few weeks for players connecting by the numerical IP, only the spawn will remain to notify players of the move.

If anyone has any questions please leave a comment below and I'll get back to you. As ever your patience is much appreciated!

Thanks all!